My dwarf...

Mein Zwerg

Is an abstraction picture for all being .... is the abstraction of the world.

My dwarf makes everything small, brings sun and blades of grass on one level and includes us as the same in being..

It as a cipher makes everything equivalent ... good and bad, big and small, female and male, ... human, animal, stone, sun ...

From a distance, everything is said to be dwarfs.
We see the suns and worlds only as small points of light in the sky, as dwarf suns.

I think of them when I call my WORLD THEATER "garden-dwarf-sun-mediations". The macro and micro cosmos merge.

The process was completed in 1968 and my dwarf became my cipher as a relative symbol. I meditate and associate with him. With him I do my actions, pictures and objects ... my art ... garden-dwarf-sun world-theater.